New Form I-9 Will Become Mandatory September 2017

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) published yet another version of Form 1-9 on July 17 after just recently publishing the prior version in late 2016. HR representatives use Form I-9 to verify employment eligibility in the U.S.

 Effective Date
• Starting September 18, 2017, all employers must have adopted the updated version of Form I-9 dated 07/17/17.
What’s New?
• Besides subtle changes such as new language that make the form easier to utilize, the updated Form I-9 reflects the most current version of List of Acceptable Documents.
• Like the previous form, employers can choose to have the I-9 filled out electronically through E-Verify or printed and filled out physically.
Where Form I-9 Can Be Found
• Both the electronically compatible and the print-and-fill versions of the updated I-9 can be found here – Revised I-9
EBHR Recommendation
• Although employers are not required to use the revised form until September 18th, EBHR recommends previous versions of the form be recycled, and implementation of the new form begin immediately. This will ensure Federal and State compliance while preventing unnecessary and increasing fines.
Contact EBHR
• If you have any questions regarding the newly revised Form I-9, please feel free to contact Every Business HR Essentials!


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