When conducting a Form I-9 self-audit, it is important to know what red flags or errors to look for. Below are some of the common errors we see when conducting audits for clients:

General Errors:

  • Date format entered in wrong format — MM/DD/YYYY is the only acceptable format for any date field on Form I-9
Example: 2.15.19 is not an acceptable format
  • Outdated Form I-9 used – when completing I-9s, employers must use the most current Form I-9 (current version dated 07/07/2017 and expires 08/31/2019)

Section 1 Errors:

  • “Preparer and/or Translator Certification” – the option of whether the employee used or didn’t use a preparer/translator is left unchecked

Section 2 Errors:

  • Employee Name and Citizenship Status must be entered on Section 2 using data provided by the employee on Section 1
    • Under Citizenship/Immigration Status, only list the number that the employee checked on Section 1, not the full name of their status
  • Employers may not backdate the “Today’s Date” field on Section 2 (even if completed after the 3-day grace period after hire date)
  • Expired eligibility documents – documents provided by employees must be valid at the time of verification – expired documents are not acceptable

Section 3 Errors:

  • Signature box incorrectly completed – Employers should not sign the attestation at the end of Section 3 when initially completing the I-9. This field only applies when completing Section 3 during reverifications for employees with temporary work eligibility or for rehires

For more information and/or to receive complimentary I-9 audit tools, please reach out to: info@everybizhr.com