Time Off to Vote Notice
It Is Time to Post Your
“Time-Off-to-Vote” Notices
In California, every employer is required to post a notice to employees letting them know of provisions for taking paid leave for the purpose of voting in statewide elections no less than 10 days before election day, Law section (ca.gov).Where should I post the notice? 
The notice must be posted in a place where it can be seen by employees as they enter or exit their place of work.Do I have to pay employees when they request time off to go vote?
Yes, employees are eligible for paid time off for the purpose of voting only if they do not have sufficient time outside of working hours to vote. Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.Is it okay to allow my employees to take additional time off to go vote?
Employers can provide as much time as they want, but only a maximum of two hours is paid.Can my employees request additional time off to go vote during the middle of their shift?
Employers may require time off to be taken only at the beginning or end of the employee’s regular working shift, whichever allows the most free time off from the regular working shift, unless otherwise mutually agreed.     Should I require my employees to give advance notice to request additional time off for voting?
Yes, employers may require employees to give advance notice. When an employee knows he or she will need time off to vote, the employee must give the employee at least two working days’ notice.Dates to remember:
Posting Deadline:  Not less than 10 days before every statewide election.
Primary Election Day:  June 7, 2022Mandatory Posting:  Time Off to Vote
The notices are available in ten languages and may be downloaded in PDF by clicking the links below.  Or employers may call the Elections Division at (916) 657-2166 to order posters of the notices.English

Sources: California Secretary of State
Law section (ca.gov)

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