Like many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic thrust many workplaces into Remote Work Arrangements, suddenly and without a “road map” on how best to navigate this new terrain.

Are your best onsite workers still so as they work from home? What about those individuals who always motivate the team — how is working at home alone going for them? Have your noticed greater energy from your “introverts” on Zoom calls?

These and other questions can be answered, along with a “road map” for how to support your remote workers today and to determine whether all or some team members should work from home on an ongoing basis.

EBHR has partnered with InspireHR Consulting to offer Remote Worker Team Assessments along with a Leadership Assessment. The resulting reports will provide useful information on work style and ways to become and stay highly productive. As Leaders, you will gain valuable information on how to successfully connect with remote workers/team and drive greater employee engagement.

To learn more about these tools, schedule a call with our partner, InspireHR Consulting at