Our clients and community are what drive our passion. Hear it from them...
“Vintage has very good on-line training available to our associates and managers. Sometimes current updates to the laws, trending topics, and employee relations issues make you rethink the value and need for face-to-face training. It is just smart business sense. We reached out to Sonya Kemp and her training team at EveryBusiness HR Essentials Inc. in 2014 to begin discussions about face-to-face Anti-Harassment training for our 2,000 plus associates, both line staff and managers,…

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at our communities in Washington, Northern California and Southern California.

Sonya and her team did some exceptional work for us, which included:

  • Meetings with the Corporate team to fully understand our needs, our prior experience, and our business.
  • Partnering with us in develop training materials that complied with the legal requirements and also incorporated our particular experiences and needs.
  • Flexibility in scheduling the classes and combining locations. Also ensuring that make-up sessions were also available.
  • Delivering effective training sessions in both English and Spanish through very skilled and professional trainers. (I am bilingual so I sat in on the sessions to ensure their accuracy)
  • Feedback sessions with our internal HR team and the community Executive Director after the training was completed at the community. This allowed us to discuss and handle any individual associate concerns that came up as a result of the training information.
  • Making adjustment to any of the training materials if something came up that we felt should be discussed in the training.
  • Make-up sessions for newly hired or promoted management team members after all the community trainings were completed, so that we could be current.
  • Complete sign in sheets and individual training certificates for all associates. (Including two of our community dogs who joined us for the training – Vinny and Chowder)

By the end of 2015 we had successfully completed all the sessions at the communities and the make-up training. Additionally, we opened many valuable avenues of discussion for our associates and managers. We were now all on the same page and issues were handled in a more effective and productive manner. Overall, we could not be happier with our experience with Sonya and her team and highly recommend her services.

Leda Quiros-Weed

Regional HR Business Partner, Vintage Senior Living

We use Sonya Kemp with EveryBusiness HR for our Anti-Harassment training and she is wonderful! She keeps our employees engaged while educating them on this very important subject. We had an online option this year but our managers asked for EBHR to return and they delivered again! EBHR has been very flexible to meet our business needs and hours. We have also worked with Sonya and her firm for our Employee Handbook updates and they have been great consultants. We highly recommend EBHR and look forward to working with them again!

Saidi Diaz

Human Resources , Wayne Perry, Inc.

“Sonya and her colleagues have been indispensable partners in our business. They have conducted a thorough anti-harassment training program for our managers, and have also provided attentive and responsive counseling for our company’s HR issues. In short, they are excellent partners on the HR front.“

Carl Katz

COO/CFO, The Bruery

“We appreciated EBHR taking the time to come and teach us. It was beneficial for the team on several levels. I also appreciate their flexibility in working with me to address specific needs/issues each week. EBHR showed us several things that we will put into practice over time.”

Mike Keeland

General Manager, Processed Foods Division, Day-Lee Foods

“Sonya provided consulting service for our organization during a brief transitional period and I could not have been more pleased with the results. While very responsive to the details, she never lost sight of the bigger picture and impact to our organization. A pleasure to work with!” 

Genevieve Vo, PHR

Human Resources Director, BMS, Inc.

“EBHR has been providing Anti-Harassment training for employees and managers in our California, New York and New Jersey locations for the last two years. We find Sonya and her colleagues to be a highly set of professional trainers with a unique appeal to our employees…

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Their materials are based on current events and they provide a level of knowledge that resonates with people when they interact with them during the training. EBHR engages the employees and ensures that all of the points of discussion are relevant to the topic and covered thoroughly. Our 100+ employees have definitely benefited from the quality training that EBHR provides.”

Janet Warren

Controller, Worldstage, Inc.

“EveryBusiness HR Essentials came along at just the right time for our new, growing business. We knew we needed an Employee Handbook and employee training right away. What we didn’t know is how valuable it would be to have them as our “go-to” HR department…

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EBHR delivered practical solutions in employee matters and supported issue resolution with well-written and highly effective employment documents. EBHR may not be at our business every day, but when we need them, we know we can count on their expertise. We highly recommend EveryBusiness HR Essentials!”

Helena Jubany and Jon Murga

Owners, Fresco Community Market

“Ms. Kemp is an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in providing quality Leadership training and development for an ever changing workforce. Ms. Kemp is a pleasure to work with because her pleasant and positive attitude can make nearly any work seem…

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fun and interesting. Her expertise in ALL MATTERS of Human Resource and employee development has made a lasting impression on our leadership team and we will be benefiting from her contributions, for years to come. I look forward to working with Sonya in the Future.”

Todd Martin

Production Manager, Day-Lee Foods

“As a current client of EveryBusiness HR Essentials (EBHR), we are proud to provide a reference regarding our satisfaction with their unparalleled Human Resource Consulting Services. First EBHR designed Coaching &…

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Counseling Training for Supervisors and Managers in support of our cultural shift and desire for greater standardization across the Agency. EBHR created guides, tools, templates and other job aids to supplement the implementation of the new process, with a subset of our leadership in need of Anti-Harassment training to maintain compliance, EBHR provided comprehensive, interactive training tailored to our agency. It was head and shoulders above off the shelf options. The inclusion of relevant cases, quizzes and high quality take away materials exceeded our expectations once again. When our HR Manager resigned, we wasted no time bringing on EBHR on a retainer basis. EBHR helped us learn more about HR and to navigate people matters skillfully. EBHR is thorough, responsive and anticipatory keeping us abreast of updates to relevant laws and their impact. We highly value EveryBusiness HR’s personal touch and have no doubt they are invested in our success. We highly recommend them.”

Elvia Torres

Executive Director, SPIRITT Family Services

“Sonya understands the business of Human Resources. It is rare to find someone who so quickly understands the nuances of a business problem and is able to translate that into a people or HR approach that best supports that business…

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We have had the pleasure of working together on projects and been colleagues on a non-profit HR Association Board. 

Sonya is down to earth, honest and operates with the highest integrity bringing fresh perspectives to her work. She values collaboration and was instrumental in helping me complete a project for a client. The client wanted to snatch Sonya away and hire her given the excellence of her work. 

It is great having her as a thought partner on challenging projects.”

Sherry Benjamins

President, S. Benjamins and Company