Feeling isolated during this pandemic is normal. This is why planting and gardening have become a popular trend that helps refocus mental and physical energy. Research shows that being around plants and cultivating plants has its benefits as nature provides calming effects.

  1. Reduces stress and may improve moods
  2. Therapeutic and provides satisfaction
  3. Helps with increased concentration

A common misconception is that you cannot plant in the summer. This is untrue.

Many plants bloom in the summer months. Some plants such as cannas, elephant ears, and lilies can be planted in the summer months and display beautifully.

If you are into sustainable foods and vegetable gardening, some vegetables and herbs can be planted in July depending on where you live. In the right zone, veggies and herbs that thrive are Brussels sprouts, beets, broccoli, corn, cucumbers, okra, and onions.