Our Story

In the beginning …

We identified an unmet need for affordable, high quality, customized Human Resources solutions and tools for small and mid-size businesses. EveryBusiness HR Essentials was launched to serve businesses which either lack HR infrastructure or those with overburdened HR functions dealing with growth or change. We’ve found our niche helping organizations in a variety of industries by providing additional resources and expertise for a short or even extended time.

Our approach is straightforward. We’re passionate about understanding what makes your business successful so we can provide the right HR tools, solutions and resources. Whether you need compliance training, a new HRIS system or an overall assessment of your HR function, we’re your go-to HR experts. Our unique combination of solid expertise, experience and enthusiasm ensures we can deliver the exact support you need to better manage your workforce. For more about our entire suite of services, visit How We Help.

“Regardless of size or industry, businesses must apply well-crafted, well-communicated, and effectively implemented HR tools and processes to drive performance. I founded EveryBusiness HR Essentials to deliver these tools and processes to market in a way that makes the most sense for small and mid-sized companies.”

– Sonya L. Kemp, Founder and President, EBHR