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Self-Care Tip: Sewing Trends Peak

Self-isolation has motivated people to pick up new hobbies in quarantine such as sewing. Retailers have reported a sudden boom in sewing machines, directly correlated with the CDC’s announcement that everyone needs to wear face masks. Other than a necessity, sewing...

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COVID-19 Update: New Mask Guidelines

Masks (face coverings) are proven to help slow the spread of COVID-19.  As such, it is now required to wear such face coverings in the majority of states. As experts continue to study the developing virus and ways to curb the spread, studies have been conducted on...

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School on Wheels

Given the current pandemic, school children are some of the most deeply affected. Learning has been disrupted for all and those already facing challenging circumstances have even greater hurdles this fall. EveryBusiness HR Essentials is dedicated to giving back to our...

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