Bright Spot of the Week: Kindness During Coronavirus Exhibited by UC Irvine Law Student

People have demonstrated astonishing acts of kindness in response to COVID-19, with generous donations to those in need, acts of service, and moral support. These people are real life heroes of coronavirus, putting the needs of others before themselves. Olivia Meme, a UCI law student, is one of these heroes.

Meme has dedicated her time during quarantine to lend a helping hand to those who are at-risk. On March 15, 2020 Olivia decided to start Orange County Grocery & Supply Delivery, a program that has attracted over 70 volunteers to help bring sanitized supplies such as groceries and other goods, to people who are at high risk of COVID-19. With over $1000 in donations and a team of dedicated helpers, Olivia Meme has made an incredible impact on her community.

While we are all living through a devastating and chaotic time, Olivia has decided to use her position to support at-risk demographics, as she explains that “It’s been really nice to focus my energy on something positive and getting help out to people who need it.”

Read about Olivia’s program here.


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