With all the sexual harassment accusations in the media, it seems as if every time you turn on a television, pick up a newspaper or listen to the radio there is a new harassment case being discussed.


This is a pivotal time for HR professionals to educate organizations to prevent and stop harassment in the workplace. In fact, “a recent study surveying over 2,200 part-time and full-time female employees concluded that sexual harassment is sadly still very rampant in American workplaces. It is estimated that about 1 in 3 women between the ages or 18-34 have been sexually harassed at work, and 81% of women have been verbally sexually harassed (jokes, name-calling, etc.). Although statistics show workplace sexual harassment overwhelmingly victimizes females, men are victims roughly 17%-20%.”[1]


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported that Anti-Harassment Training must change and there is a new content requirement in Manager/Supervisor Anti-Harassment Training. Be proactive and create the culture you wish to promote to your employees. EveryBusiness HR Essentials has the training resources your organization needs to take actionable steps to improve the employee culture. In this controversial climate, we need workers to come together and be the change.